Jan 09

Tyson Chicken

Tyson Chicken Guy smDid you know Kilby Shores collects the labels from Tyson Chicken products? We sure do! Many of the Tyson Chicken products have specially marked “Project A+”  labels you can cut out and bring into the school. When you bring these Tyson labels in they support our students and our teachers, by helping to purchase needed supplies for your students education.

Every label turned into Kilby Shores can be redeemed for 24 Cents!  That’s the biggest return on investment the school can get and that’s a huge benefit for your student!

The Tyson A+ labels can be found on a large variety of their boxes and bags. Please see the BOX example to the Right:

Tyson Box sm

                               Bag Example Below

Tyson Bag smYou may also find a wide variety of examples as well as a complete list of products that have these labels at: Tyson’s Chicken Project A+ Labels

Drop off your Tyson labels with your “Box Tops” – we’d love to get all the support we can from our wonderful Kilby families.