Nov 08

Book Fair is Coming!

Saddle up!  The Wild West Book Fair is approaching.  The fair will be held in the library from November 13th-21st.  Students will have a chance to shop in the morning before class starts or during their scheduled resource time.  Volunteers are needed to help students make wish lists, select books, look up prices of items, and possibly help students total up choices and see if they have the money to buy.  If you are able to volunteer, please make sure you are registered on Volunteer Connect.

Click on the Western Hat to volunteer for the fair now!

Book Fair will also be open after school on November 16th for Family Reading Night.  Come by the school between 6:00-7:00 to shop at the fair, find a spot to read with your child, or mosey on down to a ‘no nut’ trail mix station.  We will have a book fair raffle for those who attend.

Want to shop at the Book Fair ONLINE?  CLICK HERE!   The online fair is open from November 10th-21st.  All orders are shipped free to the school once the fair closes.  You can find all the titles seen at the fair plus many more!